Promoting Diversity

EUNIC Serbia is actively incorporating intersectional methodologies into its projects, advocating for social, economic, and political equality. Collaborating with institutions dedicated to advancing women’s rights, our initiatives celebrate cultural diversity and foster dialogue and cooperation, fostering a more cohesive and inclusive society.

  • ONE. AHEAD OF THEIR TIME How many female bridge builders do you know in Serbia? Do you know of any bridge named after a woman? Artist Zoe Gudović, who lives and works in Austria, will present the performative installation "Sonja's Bridge." The installation is performed by her alter ego Zed Zeldich Zed and speaks about Sonja Drljević, an anarcho-communist, feminist, and anti-war activist.
    Sonja Drljević, as a construction site manager, was involved in the construction of 33 bridges, including the Gazela Bridge and the Railway Bridge in Belgrade.
    Zoe Gudović is an artist, feminist, advocate for women's rights, activist, and cultural manager.
  • ENOUGH WITH SILENCE "Enough with Silence" is a unique authorial comic inspired by the stories of intersex individuals. The initiator of this extraordinary publication is the association XY Spektrum – Organization for Sex and Gender Variant Persons.

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