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Operating within the framework of EUNIC Global, EUNIC Serbia was established in 2007 with the aim of promoting cultural relations between Serbia and EUNIC member countries.

EUNIC Serbia represents a collaboration among 21 European cultural institutes and embassies in Serbia. Innovative and creative collaboration is at the heart of EUNIC Serbia’s approach to understanding and fostering cultural relations. EUNIC Serbia designs, implements, and evaluates projects to harness the potential of cultural exchange. Our goal is to connect EUNIC partners with Serbia based on the shared cultural unity, principles, and values of Europe. Embracing European identities, diversity, the autonomy of arts and culture, and inclusive approaches in our endeavors create opportunities for new dialogue-based formats of participation, exchange, and engagement.

Our objectives:

  • EUNIC Serbia strengthens cultural relations by fostering cooperation between its members and local stakeholders worldwide.
  • EUNIC Serbia advocates a prominent role for culture in international relations and is a strategic partner of the EU in cultural relations.
  • EUNIC Serbia enhances its capacity as a network to continue to be a reliable cooperation partner in cultural relations.
The presidency team of EUNIC Serbia in 2024 consists of:

Christoph Veldhues, Goethe Institut Belgrade
Amadeus Faltheiner, Austrian Cultural Forum
Lucie Orbók, Czech Centers

Contact person:

Sunčica Šido
+381 44 27 109

The members of the “EUNIC Serbia”:

Austrian Cultural Forum

Austrian Institute

Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Serbia

British Council

Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Serbia

Collegium Hungaricum

Czech Center Belgrade

Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Serbia

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia

Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Serbia

French Institute in Serbia

Goethe-Institute in Serbia

Hellenic Fund for Culture

Cervantes Institute

Italian Institute of Culture

Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Serbia

Embassy of the Republic of Portugal in Serbia

Embassy of Romania in Serbia

Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Serbia

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia

Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden in Serbia

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