Programme focus

Amongst many different kinds of activities that EUNIC members in Serbia are engaged in we all contribute to the following themes and topics, both in our individual programmes as well as our collaborative efforts:

Empowerment of Youth

EUNIC Serbia is fostering relationships and collaborations with the “next generation” of young, cultural activists, students, artists, and decision-makers as well as with organisations and NGOs with a focus on the empowerment of youth and capacity building.

Towards a sustainable world

EUNIC Serbia is strongly encompassing efforts for social and environmental sustainability and together with its partners embodies commitment to SDGs such as Quality Education, Sustainable Cities, Climate Action and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Promoting Diversity

EUNIC Serbia is actively incorporating intersectional methodologies into its projects, advocating for social, economic, and political equality. Collaborating with institutions dedicated to advancing women’s rights, our initiatives celebrate cultural diversity and foster dialogue and cooperation, fostering a more cohesive and inclusive society.

Envisioning the Future Beyond the Past

EUNIC Serbia is committed to a future that moves beyond historical constraints, drawing on our European cultural heritage to inspire innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

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